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Our sole purpose is to create an intelligent platform to simplify the enrollment process for parents and administrators. Paper enrollment costs the average district about $14 per student. This includes set-up and preparation, employee wages on enrollment day and secretary wages to input the information. Locus is designed to integrate with other education software technologies, such as PowerSchool, eliminating formerly manual processes. As an advocate for small towns we're happy to help save the average school district 33 days of work associated with enrollment. Not only are we saving the district time and money, but offering peace of mind and improved operational efficiency.

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At Reflective Group we pride ourselves in how we eliminate the digital divide that often keeps our clients from leveraging cutting edge technology. Reflective Group's solutions emerge from embracing these 4 pillars.


Great solutions are easy to setup and figure out. “The smaller the manual the better.”


Great solutions work with existing systems and processes. “Play nicely with others.”


Great solutions are within the budget. “Create more value than you take.”


Great solutions automate the routine tasks. “Make technology work for people.”


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